Industrial safety

CJSC “AMT” renders a wide range of services in industrial safety of hazard facilities (HF) such as:

  •   identification of hazard facilities followed by their registration in HF Public Register;
  •   elaboration of HF industrial safety statements;
  •   design and implementation of safety management systems;
  •   development of HF safety  justification;
  •   elaboration of fire safety statements;
  •   fire auditing process with independent analysis of fire risks;
  •   categorization of safety protection services;
  •   elaboration of design documentation (sections of design documentation);
  •   drawing up of HF accident elimination plans;
  •   drawing up of prevention and elimination plans of oil and products spills (PEOS);
  •   preparation of HF safety certificates;
  •   industrial safety expert examination.


Industrial safety examinations are performed according to the Federal law #116-ФЗ«On industrial safety of hazard facilities” and aimed at assessment of HF compliance with industrial safety requirements.

Requirements to examination procedures and issue of expert reports are set by the federal safety code.


CJSC “AMT” Expert-analytical Center examines industrial safety of the below facilities:

  •   devices used in hazard facilities;
  •   HF buildings and structures;
  •   documents for the preservation, liquidation of HF;
  •   documents related to HF operation.


Industrial safety examination of devices, buildings and structures is performed:

  •   in case of life termination of buildings or structures set by design documentation;
  •   in case of design documentation absence or lack of operation life dates for buildings or structures in design documentation;
  •   after an accident at a hazard facility causing damage of supporting elements of the buildings and structures;
  •   upon termination of safe life period set by expert reports.  


Industrial safety examination of technical devices is performed:

  •   before the application at the HF;
  •   at the end of its life; 
  •   in the absence of technical documentation about service life of such technical deviceif the actual service life exceeds twenty years;
  •   after carrying out works associated with modification of the structurereplacement of the material of load-bearing elements of such technical devices, or reconditioning after an accident or incident at the HF, which was damaged this technical device.  


The conclusion of the examination contains one of the following conclusions about the conformity of the examination object to industrial safety requirements:

  •   The object of examination meets the requirements of industrial safety;
  •   The object of the examination is not in full compliance with the industrial safety requirements and can be applied when provided the relevant amendments in the documentation or performing related activities in respect of technical devices or buildings and facilities;
  •   The object of examination does not meet the requirements of industrial safety.  


Based on examination of HF devices, buildings and structures an expert report also specifies design and analytical procedures for estimation and prediction of technical state of an examination target which contain an estimation of remaining life period with fixed dates for further safe operation of the target being included into the report and further safe operation conditions indicated.

CJSC "AMT" has developed and agreed with Rostekhnadzor the Procedure of fixing gas line life which describes analytical estimation methods for operation life in view of attained (to all degradation mechanisms) limiting state of gas lines connected with corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue damage accumulation, as well as in view of attained limiting state at average damage. 

Experts of CJSC “AMT” have produced over 100 reports on industrial safety of devices, buildings and structures, statements and other HF operation related papers.