Industrial safety expert review

Industrial safety examinations are performed according to the Federal law №116-ФЗ«On industrial safety of hazard facilities” and aimed at assessment of HF compliance with industrial safety requirements.

Requirements to examination procedures and issue of expert reports are set by the federal safety code.

CJSC “AMT” examines industrial safety of the below facilities

  • devices used in hazard facilities;
  • buildings and structures in hazard facilities;
  • documents for the preservation, liquidation of HF;
  • объекта documents related to HF operation ;
  • industrial safety declarations developed as part of documentation for technical re-equipment, conservation, liquidation of a hazardous production facility, or a newly developed industrial safety Declaration;
  • justifications for the safety of a hazardous production facility.

CJSC “AMT” examines industrial safety of devices, buildings and structures:

  • in case of life termination of buildings or structures set by design documentation;
  • in case of design documentation absence or lack of operation life dates for buildings or structures in design documentation;
  • upon termination of safe life period set by expert reports.

CJSC “AMT” examines industrial safety examination of technical devices:

  • before the application at the HF;
  • at the end of its life;
  • in the absence of technical documentation about service life of such technical device, if the actual service life exceeds twenty years.

Based on examination of HF devices, buildings and structures an expert report also specifies design and analytical procedures for estimation and prediction of technical state of an examination target which contain an estimation of remaining life period with fixed dates for further safe operation of the target being included into the report and further safe operation conditions indicated.

CJSC “AMT” has developed standards and agreed with Rostekhnadzor:

  1. STO АМТ 01-2013 «Method of determining the service life of gas pipelines»
  2. STO АМТ 01-2016 «Methods of determining the service life of oil pipelines and oil product pipelines, the term and conditions of their safe operation»
  3. STO АМТ 02-2016 «Methods of determining the service life of offshore pipelines, the term and conditions of their safe operation»
  4. STO АМТ 03-2018 «Method of determining the service life of in-field pipelines»

CJSC AMT has in staff experts of the 1st and 2nd categories certified according to new requirements according to the RF Government Regulation No. 509 of May 28, 2015 "about certification of experts in the field of industrial safety" on the following areas:

  • Э4 ЗС/ТУ (hazardous production facilities of oil and gas production complex)
  • Э5 ЗС/ТУ (hazardous production facilities of trunk pipeline transport)
  • Э7 ЗС/ТУ/ОБ/Д/ТП/КЛ (hazardous production facilities of chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, as well as other explosive and hazardous industries)
  • Э11 ЗС/ТУ/ОБ (hazardous production facilities of gas supply)
  • Э12 ЗС/ТУ (hazardous production facilities of heat and power industry, other hazardous production facilities using equipment operating under pressure of more than 0.07 MPa or at a water heating temperature of more than 115 °C)
  • Э14 ЗС (hazardous production facilities using permanently installed lifting mechanisms)