Development of industrial safety declaration

Industrial safety declaration (ISD) is developed on the basis of the Federal law of 21.07.1997 № 116-FZ (07.03.2017) "on industrial safety of hazardous production facilities."

The development of ISD involves a comprehensive assessment of the risk of an accident and the associated threat; analysis of the adequacy of the measures taken to prevent accidents, to ensure the readiness of the organization to operate a hazardous production facility in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety, as well as to localize and eliminate the consequences of an accident at a hazardous production facility; development of measures aimed at reducing the scale of the consequences of the accident and the amount of damage caused in the event of an accident at a hazardous production facility.

ISD is developed as part of the project documentation for the construction, expansion, reconstruction, overhaul, technical re-equipment, conservation and elimination of hazardous production facilities.

The development of ISD is required if hazardous production facilities belong to I or II class of hazard and thus they obtain, use, process, produce, store, transport, destroy hazardous substances.

ISD is specified or developed again in the event of a change in the information contained in the BPM, or in the event of a change in industrial safety requirements.

Declaration is specified by making partial changes to it if these changes are related to technical and/or technological changes at a hazardous production facility that do not affect the conditions of safe operation and do not increase the values of accident risk indicators. These changes are attached to the Declaration and agreed with the office of the Central office of Rostekhnadzor, which monitors and supervises compliance with industrial safety requirements at the declared GPO. Every hazardous enterprise should develop and agree a plan of liquidation of emergency situations on the basis of approved rules and regulations.

The need to re-develop the industrial safety declaration may be caused by the following factors:

  • the expiration of 10 years from the date of entry in the register of declarations of industrial safety of the information about the latest industrial safety Declaration;
  • change in the technological processes at hazardous production facilities;
  • an increase of more than 20% in the number of hazardous substances in the field of environmental protection;
  • change of requirements of industrial safety; issue of the instruction by Supervisory authority at identification of discrepancy of the data containing in the Declaration of industrial safety to the data received in the course of Federal state supervision in the field of industrial safety.

Industrial safety declaration developed as part of project documentation for expansion, modernization, conservation and liquidation of dangerous industrial object is the examination of industrial safety in the prescribed manner. The design documentation for construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of the dangerous production facility containing the Declaration of industrial safety is subject to the state examination according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on town-planning activity.