Mission and activities


CJSC "AMT" mission is to provide for maximum efficiency of assets, reliable and safe manufacturing process of our clients by guaranteed comprehensive approach to risk assessment and management based on progressive technological and environmentally-friendly decisions, staff professional competence and responsibility.


Aerospace Monitoring and Technologies (AMT) specializes in O&G asset inspection (ILI, aboveground DCVG/CIPS surveys, etc.), industrial safety ensuring, AIMS and GIS technologies implementation for fuel and energy facilities. The Company accumulated successful experience in providing services to major Russian O&G and transportation companies (Gazprom,Sibur Holding, Russian Railways, etc.).

Cooperation with recognized Russian and international leaders in the field of industrial safety and technical diagnosis enables CJSC “AMT”  to introduce the advanced foreign technologies and equipment in the Russian Federation.

The Company cooperates with industry research institutes to develop the methodology guidelines for assessment and diagnosis, to build technical state and integrity monitoring systems for facilities in the fuel-energy complex.

CJSC “AMT” is a permanent transport group member of the Workshop on safety of oil and gas complex facilities in the ROSTECHNADZOR Scientific-Technological Council  

The Company employees are highly qualified, certified in most lines of industrial safety and technical diagnostics.

The Company is an official representative of ROSEN Europe BV, and possesses the exclusive right to conclude agreements for application of ROSEN ILI technologies and equipment at Gazprom and its subsidiaries. AMT and ROSEN engage in collaborative activities to introduce innovative inspection tools to improve asset integrity, to conduct in-line inspections and integrity assessments of O&G facilities on the territory of Russian Federation. 

CJSC “AMT” is an official exclusive distributor of Cathodic Technology Ltd., Canada (http://www.cath-tech.com/) in Russian Federation, and an authorized distributor on the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.